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Zhejiang Taizhou Sanmen Xinda Transmission Belt Co., Ltd.

Addtime: 2017.12.20
Although the use of different industrial belts in different mechanical products, but for the use of enterprises, industrial belt storage maintenance knowledge is very necessary to understand how the industrial belt storage, can extend the service life of industrial belts.
The correct industrial belt storage and maintenance methods are as follows:
1, belt and pulley should be kept clean, must not be stained with oil and water.
2, belt installation, should check the transmission system, drive shaft and transmission wheel is vertical, whether the transmission shaft is parallel, whether the drive wheel in a plane, if not, should be corrected.
3, do not adhere to the oil or other chemicals on the belt.
4, industrial belt installation, tools or external forces do not directly apply force on the belt.
5, the belt's use temperature range is: -40°-120°c.
6, storage period should avoid the belt to bear too much weight and deformation, to prevent mechanical damage, not too bent and squeezed.
7, in storage and transportation, should avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow leaching, keep clean, to prevent and acid-base oils and organic solvents, such as the impact of rubber quality material contact.
8, store the storehouse temperature should maintain in-15~40摄氏度, the relative humidity should maintain between 50%~80%.
Because each brand industrial belt performance and material differences, so in the storage mode, each industrial belt will still have some different, but ça, I hope this article can help the user.