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What are the advantages of synchronous transmission with no replaceable

Addtime: 2017.12.25
The Nezhou surface is provided with a circular belt with equal spacing tooth shape and a corresponding wheel. It combines the advantages of belt drive, chain drive and gear transmission. When rotating, the power is transmitted by meshing the teeth of the wheel with the tooth slot. Transmission with a synchronous belt transmission with accurate transmission ratio, no slip, can obtain a constant speed ratio, stable transmission, can absorb vibration, noise, a wide range of transmission ratio, generally up to 1:10. Allow line speed up to 50m/s, transfer power from several watts to Baichi. High transmission efficiency, generally up to 98%, compact structure, suitable for multi-axis transmission, no lubrication, no pollution, it can not be allowed to have pollution and the work environment is worse in the workplace under normal work. Transmission products are widely used in textile, machine tools, tobacco, communication cables, light industry, chemical, metallurgy, instrumentation, food, mining, petroleum, automobiles and other industries of various types of mechanical transmission.

Synchronous Belt Drive has the following advantages:
No sliding at work, accurate transmission ratio
Synchronous belt drive is a kind of meshing transmission, although the synchronous belt is elastomer, but because the load bearing rope has the characteristics of the tensile force, it can keep the belt pitch unchanged, so that the belt and the tooth groove can be properly engaged, to achieve a synchronous transmission without sliding, to obtain accurate transmission ratio.

Second, high transmission efficiency, energy-saving effect is good
Because the synchronous belt does not have the sliding synchronous drive, therefore has the high transmission efficiency, generally can reach 0. 98. Compared with the triangular belt drive, it has obvious energy-saving effect, which can be proved by the following examples.
From the above examples, synchronous belt drive has great potential in energy saving, so it can obtain higher economic benefit by using synchronous belt transmission.

Three, the transmission ratio range is big, the structure is compact

The transmission ratio of synchronous belt drive generally can reach about 10, and in the case of large transmission ratio, its structure is more compact than the triangular belt drive. Because the synchronous belt drive is a meshing drive, its pulley diameter is much smaller than that of the belt pulley which relies on the friction force to transmit the power, and the belt axle and bearing size can be reduced because the synchronous belt does not require large tensioning force. Therefore, compared with the triangular belt drive, the synchronous belt drive has a compact structure under the same transmission ratio.
Four, the maintenance is convenient, the operation cost is low
As a result of the strap rope in the synchronous belt with a very small elongation of glass fiber, steel wire and other materials made, so in the course of the operation with Zhongchang is very small, do not need to be like a triangular belt, chain and so often adjust the tension force. In addition, the synchronous belt in the operation does not need any lubrication, so maintenance is very convenient, operating costs than the triangle belt, chain, gear to be much lower.

Five, under the bad environment condition can work normally
With dust impurities, water and corrosive medium under the bad working conditions, the chain is easy to rust, wear, the Triangle belt will produce skid, and synchronous belt transmission can adapt to these conditions. Because it is engaged in the transmission, in the case of rain will not slip, and water is a good rubber lubricant, but can reduce wear belt. In the case of dust impurities, as the synchronous belt with teeth into the pulley groove, with teeth will squeeze the original left in the slot air, so that the compressed air to the wheel groove on both sides of the discharge, this air extrusion will also play to clean the meshing surface, take away the role of dust impurities, thus reducing the wear of the synchronous belt. In addition, synchronization with high corrosion resistance, heat resistance, in high temperature, corrosive gas can still work properly.